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About Us

Intellia Holdings is a dedicated business and program management consultancy based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We empower businesses and agencies across Malaysia and Southeast Asia to turn their ideas into measurable successes with customized business strategies, detailed project management, and innovative digital experience solutions.

Our Services:

Strategic Consultation & Planning: Transforming ideas into actionable strategies.
Ideation & Concept Development: Offering tailored solutions rooted in deep research.
Project Management: From conceptualization to execution, managing projects with precision.
Digital Experience Design: Creating engaging and effective digital experiences.

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Our Core Services

Strategic Consultation & Planning

Transforming ideas into actionable strategies.

Consultation for Complex Challenges
Navigate ever-changing markets with clarity and direction through actionable, data-driven solutions.

Research and Analysis on Demand
Gather insights through our secondary research services tailored to your specific needs.

Craft Strategic Roadmaps for Sustainable Growth
Chart the course for long-term success, from spotting opportunities to managing risks and scaling efficiently.

Idea Generation & Concept Development

Offering tailored solutions rooted in deep research.

Data-Driven Decision Making
We turn complex data into transformative insights to help with strategic decision making.

Strategic Planning Report
Our reports provide comprehensive insights and guidance for your proposals and strategic initiatives.

More Than Presentations
We not only create compelling narratives but also represent you in high-stakes presentations to key stakeholders.

Experience-Driven Project Management

Elevating ordinary events into memorable experiences.

Detail-Oriented Execution
From start to finish, we go beyond what's expected through detailed planning and execution.

Customized Event Solutions
We adapt our services to fit corporate, charity, or public programs, events or campaigns such as:

- Galas with a Heart: we orchestrate galas that not only dazzle but also effectively support your fundraising goals.

- STEM Events that Educate and Inspire: we seamlessly align science and innovation events with national educational and innovation agendas.

- Digital Startup Battles Across Southeast Asia: from the drawing board to the awards podium, we ensure a robust, high-impact competition.

Comprehensive Digital Experience Design

Transforming touchpoints that captivate and convert.

Elevate Your Digital Footprint
We turn your digital interactions into compelling business tools that both engage and convert.

Holistic Digital Craftsmanship
We provide an all-encompassing range of digital design solutions that marry form with function such as:

- Web Design: engineered for user engagement and peak performance.

- EDMs: crafted to seize attention and spur action.

- Reports: simplifying complexity with a blend of visual allure and data intelligence.

- Corporate Branding: uniquely capturing the soul of your brand.

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Our strategic planning documents provide comprehensive guidance for your proposals and initiatives. 

Recent topics we've explored include:

Reach greater heights

Urban & Environmental Planning

- Smart City & Urban Planning Concepts
- Bio-Waste Trade Reports


Agriculture & Food Security

- Food Products Import & Trade Guidelines
- Poultry Farming

IT and Technology Ideations

Technology and Security

- Information Safety and Storage Ideas
- Travel Tech Solutions

STEM and TVET projects

Events and Educational Initiatives

- Science and Technology Competition Framework
- Cross-Border Educational & Trade Visits

Rural Food and Goods Distributions

Logistics and Sales

- Mobile Sales & Logistics in Remote Areas
- F&B Online Retail Platform


Culture & Heritage

- Folk Art Preservation
- Heritage Digital Assets

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Our Recent Projects

We take pride in our successful collaborations and the impactful solutions we provide. Here are a few of our notable projects:

  • Business Strategy Consultation and Website Creation for Emerald Glow Sdn. Bhd. (2023/24): Provided comprehensive business strategy consultation, including detailed research, strategic proposals, and presentations to key stakeholders, enhancing their overall business strategy and digital presence. You can visit their website at
  • Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship for Malaysia Techlympics 2023: Acted as the Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship partner for the Malaysia Techlympics, a significant national event that successfully engaged and supported 1.8 million participants nationwide.
  • STEM Games Design for Malaysia Techlympics 2022: Commissioned by the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology & Innovation (MRANTI), we were responsible for designing the full set of games manuals depicting all the STEM competition games for the Malaysia Techlympics.